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Benefits of Walking or Biking to School

Walking or biking to school is a fun way to get outside, explore your community, and make friends. Walking or biking to school also keeps kids Happy, Healthy, and Focused.

"Get Outside" Walking Challenge

Walking is a great way to stay healthy and spend quality time together. Invite your friends and family to join this friendly competition to stay fit and explore your community!

Full color (English) Worksheet

Full color (Spanish) Worksheet

Black & White (English) Worksheet

Black & White (Spanish) Worksheet

How to Teach Kids to be Safe on the Road

Kids learn by watching grown-ups. Use the “Show, Explain, Practice” method to teach your child how to stay safe in or around traffic.

Kids Learn Safety by Watching You

Our children look up to us and absorb our behaviors. We can keep them safe by modelling safe choices on the road.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an outdoor adventure?  This Scavenger Hunt is a fun activity for kids and grownups alike. Can you find everything on the list?

Walk Across the Triangle

Track your miles and virtually walk the distance between famous Triangle destinations! Materials include a mileage tracker and printable map.

Ticket your Family

The Ticket your Family program encourages children to engage in conversation with their parents/guardians about unsafe behaviors on the road.

Teaching kids to speak up about unsafe behavior: Be a PEACH

The Be a PEACH program teaches children and teens how to speak up when a driver is unsafe. This activity includes a role playing exercise and practical tips for students to advocate for their own safety when they are passengers in a vehicle.

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Benefits of Walking or Biking to School

Grown-ups & Parents: Teach Kids Safety

COVID Messaging & Safe Routes to School

Building Friendships - Walk to School

Show, Explain, Practice

Keep Active and Play One Hour a Day

Practice the Route to School

Focus for Them - Distracted Driving Prevention

Slowing Down Saves Lives - Speeding Prevention

Pedestrian Safety - Look for People

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Law Enforcement Toolkit
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In 2016, there were 1,342 crashes, 39 fatalities, and 1,005 injuries in North Carolina resulting from drugged driving (NCDOT).

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