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List of NC Vision Zero Communities

The following North Carolina communities have adopted a goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries.


NC Vision Zero Community Resources

  1. Vision Zero Safety Procedures
    • This resource presents descriptions of safety interventions and offers guidance on how to integrate each one into practice. These interventions have been shown to significantly improve road user safety and to be both politically and socially viable according to NC transportation professionals.
  2. Vision Zero Implementation Milestones Checklist
    • This Vision Zero Implementation Milestones Checklist is rooted in the science of program implementation. It presents a series of phases and milestones toward fully implementing Vision Zero in your community. Consider using this checklist to determine the implementation phase your community is in and to gather ideas on what you could be working on next toward realizing a Vision Zero future.
  3. Guide to Developing a Vision Zero Plan
    • The purpose of this Guide is to assist communities in developing a Vision Zero Plan. The Guide describes the major steps involved in developing a plan, with an emphasis on best practices. It is also useful for communities looking to update an existing Vision Zero Plan. When updating the plan, this Guide can serve to provide insight into components that could be improved or may not have been included in earlier plans.
  4. NC Vision Zero Leadership Team Institute
    • The NC Vision Zero Leadership Team Institute is a team training resource for communities in North Carolina with Vision Zero initiatives (or considering adopting Vision Zero initiatives). This event, hosted by NC Vision Zero and UNC-Chapel Hill, will provide multi-sector teams with best practice tools and approaches to help them move toward effective Vision Zero planning and implementation. Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of communities and will give teams the chance to work together to develop a firm Vision Zero foundation and concrete action steps, relevant to their current situation. The Institute will be an opportunity for Vision Zero communities to take a deeper dive into working through complex problems.


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$263: the fine for driving with an unbuckled passenger aged 15 or younger.

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