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NC Vision Zero Task Force

In 2015, the North Carolina Executive Committee for Highway Safety passed a Vision Zero resolution.
Out of that resolution, a Task Force was formed with members of the Committee and interested
stakeholders. The NC Vision Zero Task Force meets quarterly throughout the year to discuss program
efforts and learn from traffic safety researchers, organizations, and stakeholders across the state.


To eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries through collaborative, data-driven interventions.

The purpose of the NC Vision Zero Task Force is to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on all
modes of ground transportation using data-driven prevention strategies (with emphasis on a safe
systems approach) in collaboration with local, regional, and state partners.


To supply all safety stakeholders in North Carolina with effective resources, tools, and information,
enabling them to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries.


To provide direction and mobilize resources to help communities in North Carolina work toward achieving Vision Zero in the state. The task force is one facet of a coordinated effort to create a holistic, system level approach to reducing transportation fatalities in North Carolina. The task force is being organized by the UNC Injury Prevention Research Center and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, through a grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. For more information, please contact Elyse Keefe at

NC Vision Zero Statewide Task Force members (2021-2023):

  • Mark Ezzell, NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program
  • Ingrid Bou-Saada, NC Division of Public Health
  • Kelly Kavanaugh, NC Division of Public Health
  • Hanna Cockburn, Greensboro DOT
  • Jennifer Delcourt, Safe Routes to School Wake County
  • Terry Lansdell, Bike Walk NC
  • Jim Dunlop, NCDOT
  • Joe Furstenberg, NCDOT
  • Beau Mills, NC Metro Mayors Coalition
  • Lisa Riegel, AARP
  • Derrick Waller, Stantec Engineers
  • Billy Parrish, NC Vision Zero community representative (Brevard/Transylvania Co)
  • Bergen Watterson, NC Vision Zero community representative (Chapel Hill)
  • Ellen Walston, NC Vision Zero community representative (Greenville/Pitt Co)
  • Kim Crouch, NCAST
  • Andrew Meeker, East Coast Greenways
  • Brian Murphy, NCDOT Safety Unit
  • Shawn Troy, NCDOT Safety Unit
  • Eliza Fitzpatrick, SADD
  • Dean Ledbetter, NCDOT


Presentation Slides
Miro Board
Meeting #1
(October 15, 2021)
Meeting #2
(January 24, 2022)
Meeting #3
(April 25, 2022)
Meeting #4
(July 26, 2022)
Meeting #5
(October 19, 2022)
Meeting #6
(January 23, 2023)
Meeting #7
(April 24, 2023)
Meeting #8
(July 24, 2023)

Members, Friends, and Facilitators of the NC Vision Zero Task Force represent the following organizations:

If you or your organization would like to be involved with the NC Vision Zero Task Force, please contact us at

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