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3 Tips to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Every year, tragic headlines remind us that hot car deaths can happen to anyone. 
Since 1998, 41 children have died in North Carolina after being left or stuck in a hot car (Source: National Safety Council). 


Parents and caregivers that experience hot car tragedies often report a change in routine or distraction that led to their child accidentally being left in the car. The consequences of these temporary changes in routine can be devastating, and proactive prevention is crucial. 


Life can be chaotic and unpredictable. Especially with kids! Never assume that you will hear your child and “never forget” they are in the backseat. If your child falls asleep or is uncharacteristically quiet, it’s important to have proactive reminders to ensure you never forget they are in the backseat. 


Here are three essential tips to ensure the safety of children during hot weather:


1 – Leave a visual reminder
Keep a stuffed animal in your child’s car seat when it is not in use. Anytime you travel with your child, move the stuffed animal to the front seat to remind yourself that your child is back there. 
Create a fun routine with your “Car Seat Teddy Bear” to help you and your child stick to it.
  • Have your child give the Car Seat Teddy Bear a high five when they switch spots and the bear is moved to the front seat.
  • Sing a little song about “Car Seat Teddy Bear” and give it a name.
The more you personalize this routine, the more likely you are to remember to follow it. 
2 – Put an essential item in the backseat
Anytime you travel with your child, put an item in the backseat that you wouldn’t leave without. Ideas of essential items:
        • One of your shoes
        • Purse
        • Wallet
        • Phone
3 – Lock all car doors, always
Unfortunately, some hot car deaths occur when children “play” in or around cars and get stuck inside. Eliminate this risk by always locking your car doors. Teach your children that cars are not places to play and show them how to honk the horn and/or unlock the doors if they are ever stuck in a vehicle. 
If you ever see a child left alone in a vehicle, especially during the summer, act fast to quickly remove them from the hot vehicle. If the car is locked, break the window. Call emergency services immediately.