Walk the World Program

Children crossing a road

Your students are full of energy and tired of being cooped up inside. How can we encourage them to use that energy at school while still learning? 

The Walk the World program is a ready-to-go activity for elementary or middle school classes. 

About the program

The goal of the Walk the World program is to encourage physical activity and cultural learning. This “walking at school” activity will provide your students with a chance to learn about other countries while establishing a healthy walking habit.

By walking a small distance regularly at school, students collectively travel a virtual journey between famous destinations. For example, if a class of 30 students walks 1 mile a week, they can travel the distance from London to Paris in one semester.

The program includes a journey map, a lesson plan, a class presentation, and a certificate template. All program materials are free to download and use!

Who is this for? 

Any instructor who wants to introduce physical activity into their lesson plans. 

Why is this important? 

Physical activity, like walking at school, can help your students stay focused for the rest of the day. 

Walking is also great for your students mental and physical health.

How do I start?

Choose one of the two journeys below – either London to Paris or Osaka to Tokyo. Click on the lesson plans, maps, and presentations below to download the materials.

Program Materials


Journey: London to Paris

Journey: Osaka to Tokyo