World Day of Remembrance



Every year, the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims calls attention to the suffering and heartache felt by millions as a result of preventable traffic violence. Hundreds of events honoring the lives lost are hosted all over the world.
The World Day of Remembrance is the third Sunday of November.
Every year, NC Vision Zero and the NC Families for Safe Streets hosts a shoe memorial to honor the lives lost on North Carolina roads.

world day of remembrance

Visitors to the exhibit can place a yellow paper flower on a pair of shoes to remember someone that they lost to a crash.

See more images from past events in our gallery.
What will happen with the shoes after the World Day of Remembrance exhibit?
The shoes will be used for many years, travel all over North Carolina, and appear at various traffic safety events. For example, we will use a portion of them for our upcoming Visionaries teen driver program–to represent the number of teen driver fatalities.
If there is ever a day when we decide to stop using the shoes, we will donate the shoes that are still wearable.
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