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In 2019, the City of Raleigh began transitioning the Transportation Safety Program to a Vision Zero Program. In late 2021, the City of Raleigh completed a report highlighting Promising Safety Practices and Safety Planning Approaches. This included a review of best practices on successful Vision Zero Programs from peer cities. In Summer 2022, the Vision Zero Program was officially adopted within the Traffic Engineering Department. City of Raleigh is actively developing and implementing Spot Safety, Spot Mobility, and General Safety Improvements project across the City with partners at NCDOT. Raleigh’s SS4A Comprehensive Safety Action Plan grant agreement was adopted by City Council in 2023 and scoping for the RFP is underway. If you would like to be involved in Vision Zero Raleigh efforts, please contact Raleigh’s Vision Zero Program Manager, Sean Driskill P.E. at




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