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What’s in it for you?

A panorama of North Carolina traffic safety efforts

Organizations from all over North Carolina will send representatives to the Traffic Safety Conference and Expo, providing you a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of the roadway safety ecosystem in which you’re situated. Interact with people in niches that, perhaps, you didn’t even know existed. Conference sessions will focus on traffic safety education, programming, and enforcement.

Something for everyone

If you take an interest in traffic safety, public policy, the health of society, or simply the good of mankind, you should attend the Traffic Safety Conference and Expo. Numerous speakers will address a broad range of topics, from which just about anyone with benevolent intentions could derive valuable insights.

A tailored experience

The Traffic Safety Conference and Expo affords you to participate in North Carolina’s traffic safety community by degrees. People with a critical message can purchase a conspicuous platform from which to expound it, whereas people concerned only to learn can do so for a modest price.

Future Dates and Locations

  • August 5-8, 2019 - Raleigh
  • May 4-7, 2020 - Charlotte
  • August 16-19, 2021 - Raleigh
  • TBD 2022 - Greensboro
  • August 14-17, 2023 - Raleigh

Past Dates and Agendas

August 5-8, 2019 • Raleigh, NC

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