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Robeson County Vision Zero

A new campaign to eliminate traffic deaths

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A Look at Robeson County statistics:



Ranking among North Carolina counties for number of fatal crashes per 1,000 registered vehicles (2014-2018)


Percentage of fatal crashes involving people not wearing a seatbelt (2014-2018)


Average number of victims killed each year in crashes (2014-2018)


Percentage of population among all statewide residents (2018)


Percentage of fatal vehicle crashes out of the statewide fatal crash total (2018)


Annual average number of crashes (2014-2018)


“A New Campaign in Robeson County” PowerPoint Presentation:

“Our First Year in Review” PowerPoint Presentation:

“Safety Corridor Study” PowerPoint Presentation:

Draft Resolution


Below is a resolution supporting the efforts of the Robeson County Vision Zero Task Force


WHEREAS, Robeson County for many years consistently has been ranked the deadliest county in North Carolina for fatal vehicle crash statistics, according to the state’s Transportation Mobility and Safety Division;

WHEREAS, a total of 216 people were killed and 274 severely injured in vehicle crashes in Robeson County from 2013 through 2017, according to the Mobility and Safety Division of the N.C. Department of Transportation; In 2017 alone, 53 people died in vehicle crashes;

WHEREAS, the county has higher than the state average rates of motorists speeding, not wearing seat belts or driving impaired when fatal crashes occur;

WHEREAS, for the most recent five-year period, an average of 43 people died each year on Robeson County roadways –enough people to fill two elementary school classrooms every year;

WHEREAS, a broad base of Robeson County leaders has established the first countywide Vision Zero Task Force in North Carolina, holding its first meeting on Feb. 15, 2018, at UNC-Pembroke, declaring that these deaths are unacceptable and launching a comprehensive approach to change driving behavior and eliminate roadway deaths and serious injuries in Robeson County; the group’s second meeting was held on April 12, 2018, with first-responders at the Robeson County Emergency Operations Center;

WHEREAS, NCDOT and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program are among the partners assisting the Robeson County Vision Zero Task Force with data, expertise, a PSA, rack cards, social media and other campaign materials; and

WHEREAS, state Transportation Secretary James Trogdon, who has made safety his department’s No. 1 priority, hopes to take successful initiatives borne out of this unique Robeson County campaign to other areas of the state;


  1. Endorse the efforts of the Robeson County Vision Zero Task Force.
  2. Affirm that a collaborative effort is needed to address the challenges of transforming the driving culture of this county.
  3. Pledge to advocate to the public the importance of driving more safely and the dangers of driving while drinking, speeding, texting or not wearing a seat belt.
  4. Help promote, in any way that is deemed feasible and appropriate, any fliers, brochures and other informative materials that may be created or distributed by the Vision Zero Task Force and one of its partners, including the N.C. Department of Transportation.
  5. This resolution shall take effect upon adoption.

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