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Here you’ll find important guidance and submission deadlines to help sponsors and exhibitors prepare for the 2022 NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo!

Email all questions to our event co-planner Kate Davison at


Sponsor / Exhibitor Contacts



Logo Artwork Due July 25, 2022
Door Prize Information Due July 15, 2022
Additional Decoration Requests Due See HOLLINS Exhibitor Toolkit
Electrical / Internet Connection Requests Due July 15, 2022


Logo Artwork
If you did not upload a file of your organization’s logo artwork with your online registration, please email your file to or email a link to download your artwork from a file sharing service such as Google Drive. Artwork must be received by July 25, 2022 to guarantee inclusion in the event materials. EPS file format is preferred as it can be scaled to various sizes without loss of image quality. JPG and PNG file formats are acceptable; at least 300 dpi resolution and 12″ high is recommended for best quality reproduction from these formats.


Door Prizes
All sponsors are invited to offer door prizes. Prize drawings will be held during the conference lunches. If you have prizes to offer, please contact Cheryl Leonard at or 984-365-1329 by July 15, 2022 and let us know the type and quantity of prizes. Your organization will be recognized during the drawing. Bring the door prizes with you to move-in day on Monday, August 15.


Cvent LeadCapture
We have partnered with Cvent to provide lead retrieval services through their LeadCapture product. We appreciate your support at our event and want you to be able to track the impact of attending our Conference.

How It Works:

  • Scan badges to gather lead information
  • Score leads and takes notes
  • Export leads to any database on demand

To learn more about how to order LeadCapture app licenses see the LeadCapture brochure.


Exhibit Spaces and Decoration

All exhibits — except vehicle displays — will be located in the Raleigh Convention Center (RCC) Ballroom A next to Ballrooms B&C where plenary sessions and lunches are held. Vehicles will be displayed in the Main Lobby just below the Ballroom level. Breakout sessions are held on the Main level. See the RCC Floor Plans for more information on the RCC building levels.

RCC Floor Plan, Ballroom

Click to see the diagram of Ballroom A showing the exhibit space layout and space numbers.
Download Exhibitor Diagram
Exhibit spaces assignments are determined by your registration date and sponsorship level.

Exhibit space sizes:

  • Diamond and Platinum sponsors: 20′ x 20′ space.
  • Gold sponsor: 10’ x 20’ space.
  • Silver, Bronze and Exhibitor sponsors: 10′ x 10′ space.

All exhibit spaces will include these items:

  • 8′ high back wall drape and 3′ high side divider drapes. Drape colors are Royal Blue and Green.
  • One 6’ skirted table (skirt color is Green), 2 chairs, and wastebasket.
  • Identification sign listing your organization hung on the back wall drape.
  • Carpeted ballroom floor.


HOLLINS Exposition Services is our exclusive services contractor for exhibitor space decorations. See the HOLLINS Exhibitor Kit for information on additional decoration for your space beyond the items listed above. Additional decoration is at the Exhibitor’s own expense and must be ordered by July 29, 2022 for the lowest rates. For more information contact Ted Pugh, 336-315-5225,


Electrical, Internet and Other Utilities

Your exhibit space will include a 110v electrical outlet if it was requested with your online registration. Free basic wireless Internet service in the ballroom will also be provided.

If you need additional services for electrical power, wired/high-speed Internet or other items, you must complete and submit the RCC Utilities Order Form directly to the RCC along with your payment. Items added onsite are subject to floor rates, and payment must be processed prior to service completion. See the RCC Rate Sheet for available items and pricing information.


Vehicle Displays

If you’ve been approved to display a vehicle in the RCC Main Lobby, please read the VEHICLES section of the RCC Exhibitor Information sheet for important Fire Code requirements. All vehicles on display must abide by these requirements. A City of Raleigh Fire Inspector may inspect your vehicle for compliance.

Our event coordinators will schedule a specific time on Monday, August 15 for you to arrive and move your vehicle into the building.

Decorations and Fire Safety

All decorations used in the RCC must be flame retardant according to the City of Raleigh fire codes. No decorations may be fastened or taped to walls, columns, floors, equipment, or drapes, and nothing may be suspended from the ceiling without prior written permission from RCC management. Adhesive-backed stickers are prohibited and may not be given out on or affixed to the premises. Please read the FIRE MARSHAL section of the RCC Exhibitor Information sheet for more details.


Move-in / Move-out

See the Exhibitor Schedule below for general move-in / move-out dates and times. Exhibitors should move-in your materials only during the scheduled times. All exhibitors must move-out by the scheduled time.

Move in/out via Salisbury Street / Main Lobby is permitted for hand-carried items only (no equipment carts). You must request approval from an Event Manager/Coordinator before parking on Salisbury Street to move your items.

Move in/out via the underground RCC Loading Dock is available when approved by an Event Manager/Coordinator no less than 30 days prior to the event. Exhibitors are allowed to drive their vehicles into the dock, unload/load, and then drive back out to park in one of the nearby lots or decks.

Please read the SALISBURY STREET MOVE-IN/OUT and LOADING DOCK ACCESS sections of the RCC Exhibitor Information sheet for more details. Also read the RCC Exhibitor Dock Policy and see the RCC Loading Dock Map for how to access the dock area.


WCC Exhibit Hall Schedule

Monday, August 15 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Exhibitor Move-in
Vehicle Move-in TBD
Tuesday, August 16 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibits Open
Wednesday, August 17 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibits Open
Thursday, August 18 7:00 am – 12:00 pm
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Exhibits Open
Exhibitor Move-out
Vehicle Move-out TBD


Shipping / Delivery of Exhibit Materials

Exhibitors may move in/out your own materials. If shipment by a third-party carrier service is needed, the RCC requires all shipments to be consigned to our decorator for delivery to the RCC. See the attached HOLLINS Exhibitor Kit for shipping information and contact Ted Pugh, 336-315-5225, to make arrangements.

HOLLINS may charge a handling fee for storage and/or delivering materials to your exhibit hall space. All handling fees are at the Exhibitor’s own expense. The RCC and the conference are not responsible for exhibitor items shipped to or from the facility, whether broken, damaged, lost or misplaced.

See You at the 2024 Conference!


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