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Email any questions regarding speaker information to

Deadline Quick Reference:

Additional AV Request Due March 18, 2024
Register for the Conference March 20, 2024
Presentation Handouts Due (optional) March 22, 2024

Registration and Hotel


Speakers who receive and accept a formal invitation from the NCTSC Program Subcommittee will receive complimentary registration to the event. Select “Speaker” when you register.


Hotel room costs (room rate and tax) will be covered only for speakers traveling 35+ miles to the Greenville Convention Center. State of NC policy allows hotel per diem only for persons traveling 35+ miles from their duty station or home, whichever is less, to their final travel destination.

One night of a speaker’s hotel stay will be directly billed to GHSP for each day that a speaker presents. Any additional room nights (for non-presentation days) and incidental room charges will be billed to the speaker’s credit card.

Room Setup and Audiovisual Equipment

All breakout rooms will be set with theater-style seating. There will be a head table, podium, microphone, LCD projector with VGA cable, screen, sound for laptop presentation, and a clicker.

You will need to bring your own laptop to run your presentation.

If you need additional audiovisual equipment beyond what is listed above, you will need to submit your request by March 4, 2024 to

The NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo provides most audiovisual equipment requested, but some equipment may be cost prohibitive. In this case, we will contact you to discuss alternative equipment.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet will be available in the meeting rooms; however, the WiFi signal strength and bandwidth at the time of your presentation cannot be guaranteed. If web access is needed for your presentation, you are strongly encouraged to run the web files locally (from the computer’s hard drive) rather than attempting to access the files via the WiFi connection.

Room Monitor

There will be a room monitor in your session to help answer questions you may have. When you arrive to your assigned room, please look for the monitor wearing a staff badge. The room monitor will give you information about your session, introduce you, and handle any audiovisual needs that may arise.

Speaker Ready Room

There will be a Speaker Ready Room at the convention center for you to rehearse or edit your presentation prior to your session. Room TBA.

Speaker Accommodations

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully. To request accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact


The NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo will not print workshop handouts to distribute during the conference. Handouts can be posted on the conference mobile app.
Deadline for submitting handouts is March 22, 2024.

Handout Guidelines

  • File Type: Convert your PowerPoint to a PDF with one slide/page. If you cannot convert your PowerPoint, you can send to us and we will convert it for you.
  • Please include your breakout session title and your contact information on the first slide of your presentation so attendees can keep track of which session the handout is for.
  • File size must be no larger than 8MB. Larger sized files may make it difficult for attendees to download. You may have to adapt your presentation to reduce its size (remove photos, videos, etc.).

Handout Disclaimer

By submitting your handouts to the NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo, you agree to have your materials downloaded, printed and/or copied by the conference and its attendees. The NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo is not responsible or liable for use or misuse of materials posted on the conference website or mobile app.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Please prepare a few discussion questions to engage with attendees during the Q & A session following your presentation. Consider questions which are relevant to a variety of fields and professions in order to encourage a multidisciplinary discussion. Provide these questions to your moderator before the session begins.
  • Use large text and images in your presentation to ensure that everyone in the room can see your material clearly.

Clearances, Copyright Permission, and Acknowledgements

All copyrighted content (e.g., text, photographs, tables, figures, charts, etc.) used in your presentation must be properly acknowledged. Permission is not needed for brief quotations (50 words or fewer) when the quotation is properly referenced (see examples below). For longer quotations, all necessary clearances and permissions from any holders of copyrights must be obtained.

An example of a typical acknowledgment would read:
“Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Safety Research.”

For a figure or photograph, an example of an acknowledgment would read:
“Photo (or graphic) courtesy of North Carolina DOT.”

For a table, reprinted without change, an example of an acknowledgment should read:

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