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Each year, the NC Traffic Safety Conference & Expo has a keynote speaker that inspires, educates, and relates to the attendees. They reflect on their own trials, accomplishments, battles, and successes. The speech will instill confidence in the attendees and provide knowledge as they go back to their lives post-conference.

Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Conference


David Mann

David Mann is a graduate of Ohio State University and Stanford Law School. He served as a Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco before becoming a solo criminal defense practitioner. After 12 years of practice, substance abuse-related issues caused him to resign from the bar with disciplinary charges pending. Following a relentless battle with addiction which included numerous hospitalizations and periods of living on the streets, he succeeded in getting clean and sober in 1998. Since then he has worked, among other things, as a cab driver, a private investigator, a paralegal, and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor. He presently serves as the Northern California Consultant to The Other Bar, a statewide organization of recovering attorneys, judges, and law students. In this capacity, he spends his time providing outreach and education to the legal community, and assisting attorneys as they struggle with substance abuse and related challenges that threaten their ability and/or eligibility to practice law.

Addiction: Personal or Societal? Exposing the Challenges, Consequences, and Solutions for Survival

Addiction isn’t “someone else’s problem;” it is everyone’s problem. How do people end up addicts? Can anything be done to stop it? David Mann will speak to you from experience: From living the dream to rock bottom to redemption. He will offer insight into understanding the people whose conduct often spills over from “their” problem into ours.

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Cell: 1-415-240-1599
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