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The Distracted Driving Dashboard is currently down for maintenance. We are working dilligently to get the visualization back up and running for your traffic safety needs. If you are in need of immediate data, please contact the help desk at

Visualization Info

This visualization has two tabs. The first tab show the location of distracted driving crashes, filterable by severity and year. The second tab show the trend, road classification, and counties above and below state average of distracted driving crashes as a percent of all crashes.

Distracted driving crashes are defined as crashes that have on of the following driver contributing circumstances:

  • Driver Distracted
  • Driver Distracted by Electronic Communication Device (Cell Phone, Texting, Etc)
  • Driver Distracted by External Distraction (Outside the Vehicle)
  • Driver Distracted By Other Electronic Device (Navigation Device, Dvd Player, Etc.)
  • Driver Distracted by Other Inside the Vehicle
  • Inattention

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