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Never drive sleepy. If you have heavy eyelids, you are not fit to drive.


Drowsy Driving – You can’t fight sleep – TAC ad

More videos are available in the Drowsy Driving YouTube Playlist.


Drowsy driving is as dangerous as illegally driving under the influence of alcohol (Source: The Road to Danger: The Comparative Risks of Driving While Sleepy).



Drowsy Driving Signs

If you find that you are too sleepy to drive, the best thing to do is get a full night’s rest. If that’s not possible, take a 20 minute nap or drink 2 caffeinated drinks (each with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee).


Nodding Off Icon
Nodding off
Blinking Icon
Frequent blinking/long duration blinking
Keeping Eyes Open Icon
Difficulty keeping eyes open
Daydreaming Icon
Memory lapses or daydreaming
Drifting Lane Icon
Drifting from your lane/hitting a rumble strip
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