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Never drive sleepy. If you have heavy eyelids, you are not fit to drive.


Drowsy Driving – you can’t fight sleep – TAC ad

Drowsy driving is at least as dangerous as illegally driving under the influence of alcohol (Powell, Schechtman, Wiley, Li, Troell, & Guilleminault, 2001). Staying awake for 19 hours produces impairment similar to having a BAC of 0.05. Being awake for 24 hours is comparable to having a BAC of roughly 0.10 (Dawson & Reid, 1997).

According to a recent report by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, “More than two in five drivers (43.2%) admitted having fallen asleep or nodded off while driving at least once in their life.”


Drowsy Driving Signs

If you find that you are too sleepy to drive, the best thing to do is get a full night’s rest. If that’s not possible, take a 20 minute nap or drink 2 caffeinated drinks (each with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee).


Nodding Off Icon
Nodding off
Blinking Icon
Frequent blinking/long duration blinking
Keeping Eyes Open Icon
Difficulty keeping eyes open
Daydreaming Icon
Memory lapses or daydreaming
Drifting Lane Icon
Drifting from your lane/hitting a rumble strip

Dawson, D., & Reid, K. (1997). Fatigue, alcohol and performance impairment. Nature, 388, 235.

Powell, N. B., Schechtman, K. B., Wiley, R. W., Li, K., Troell, R., & Guilleminault, C. (2001). The road to danger: The comparative risks of driving while sleepy. The Laryngoscrope, 111(5), 887-893.

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