Ticket Your Family Program (ARPO)

About the Program

The goal of this activity is to encourage dialogue between children and their guardians about traffic safety. Children learn about safe vs unsafe behaviors on the road and in a car and are taught how to speak up if someone is unsafe. Students are given ticketbooks and encouraged to write “tickets” for family members who are being unsafe. All program materials are free to download and use!  

Who is this for?

Any instructor or care provider who wants to help children learn about traffic safety. The materials are written for elementary school age children.   

Why is this important?

Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for North Carolina kids. To help keep them safe it’s important to teach children how to recognize safe vs unsafe behaviors and how to speak up if someone is unsafe.  

Program Materials

      • This image can be shared with school faculty, parents and guardians, PTA members, etc. to promote the program.
      • This simple lesson plan provides tips and additional resources for the program.
      • This class presentation introduces the program and explains basic concepts necessary for students to participate.
      • Distribute this information sheet to parents and guardians to explain the program and help them prepare to participate.
  • Tickets