15 – Crosswalk to Beach

Welcome to location #15 of the Scavenger Hunt!
You’re on a roll! (Or a walk?!)  

At this crosswalk, let’s practice the SEP method again and focus on eye contact.

SHOW: Demonstrate how to look at drivers and make eye contact before crossing.

EXPLAIN: Talk with your child about why eye contact is so important. Ask your child the following questions:

Why is it safer to make eye contact with a driver before crossing? (Establish that they have seen you and are paying attention)

What kind of gesture will a driver make if they want to show me that they have seen me and it is safe to cross in front of them? (Wave, smile, raise hand, etc.)

PRACTICE: Hold hands with your child, make eye contact with a driver and wait for them to indicate it is safe to cross. Do this for both sides of traffic. Practice looking at the driver in both lanes as you cross.