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Crash Data & Maps

Visualizing geographic patterns of fatal and serious injury crashes

What is NC Vision Zero Maps?

A web-based crash map for seeing patterns of crashes and their contributing factors

What is the Purpose of NC Vision Zero Maps?

Provide an easy way for the general public to see where, what, why, when, and how crash patterns are occurring in their area


Provide insight from maps for crash patterns

What Does NC Vision Zero Maps Show?

✔ View the crash data and maps to see fatal and serious injury crash patterns mapped in your geographic area
✔ Filter for factors that contributed to crashes ( i.e. unbelted, distracted, lane departure)
✔ Filter for crash type (intersection, rail, etc.)
✔ See where multiple factors are crash contributing factors (i.e. speeding and alcohol)
✔ See individual crash locations
✔ Detailed table views of each crash
✔ See where groupings of crashes are clustered together
✔ See crash report associated with each crash
✔ Share insights from maps to friends (i.e. social media)
Motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,872 lives in 2017 (NHTSA).

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