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All road users share the responsibility of keeping North Carolina streets safe. Together, we can save lives by making safe, responsible decisions on the roadway.

What can I do?
Be an example

Set an expectation of safety with every choice made on the road.

Parents – Driving Role Models
Be an advocate

…in any vehicle you occupy.

  • Passengers accounted for nearly 1/3 of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. in 2013 (IIHS). It is your right as a passenger to speak up if you feel unsafe.
  • In any vehicle that you occupy, you have the power to prevent a crash. If you feel unsafe, speak up! The Empowered Passenger
Speak Up
Be direct

“You’re making me nervous. Can you slow down?”

Be helpful

“Here, let me text for you.”

Bring up law enforcement

“I’ve seen a lot of cops pulling people over today— you may want to slow down.”

Make it personal

If you know someone who was injured or killed in a crash, talk about it. “A friend of mine got in a bad wreck and I really don’t want to go through what she did. Can you please pay attention to the road?”

Call attention to bad drivers

Point out dangerous driving that you see on the road to set an expectation of safety. “I can’t believe that person is tailing that other car! That’s a wreck waiting to happen.”

Use facts. Try these:
  • In a car traveling 30 mph, a person not buckled up has as much force as a midsize car when thrown in a crash. That impact can kill another passenger.
  • Even with their eyes on the road, a person talking on the phone while driving can be cognitively “blind” to up to 50% of their physical surroundings.

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