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The enforcement of traffic laws is necessary for discouraging and preventing the behaviors which injure and kill people on North Carolina roadways.

Save your life & money

Following traffic laws can save your life and your money.


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Speeding ticket
* including insurance premium increases

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Drinking and driving
* including insurance premium increases

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Seat Belt or Safety Seat Violation
* for passengers 15 years old and younger

Citations in North Carolina in 2015
Enforcement works

In 1993 and 1994, high-intensity well-publicized enforcement efforts for the Click It or Ticket campaign, including over 6,000 checkpoints and over 58,000 citations, resulted in an increase in belt use from 64 to 81 percent (Williams, Wells, and Foss).

The Watch for Me NC program utilizes police enforcement to improve pedestrian yielding behaviors in North Carolina. Driver yielding rates at select enforcement sites increased 15-16% in less than two years in the program (Watch for Me NC, 2014).


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They’re out there to help. Let’s keep them safe. If you see flashing lights on the road, move over a lane. It’s the law.

A violation of the move over law can cost almost $500.

“The ultimate goal is to protect all road users. Every action has a consequence. That is why the North Carolina State Highway Patrol is committed and determined in taking a hard line stance on NC Vision Zero. We cannot do this alone and thus we are proud to stand alongside such agencies as NCDOT, EMS, NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program, Driver’s Education, and Students Against Destructive Decisions. No one person or organization can by themselves change traffic behavior. It is going to take the commitment from all of us to make this happen. The only acceptable number of traffic deaths and serious injuries is zero.”
– Captain Freddy L. Johnson, Jr., North Carolina State Highway Patrol, member of the NC Vision Zero Task Force


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