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Wearing your seat belt is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from serious or fatal injury in a crash.


Every seat, every time. In a crash, any unbuckled person becomes a deadly missile. In a 30 mph crash, a person not wearing a seat belt can have as much force as a small SUV. An unbuckled person flying through the car can seriously injure or kill other passengers.


Most North Carolinians Buckle Up. Join Us. Every Seat. Every Time.

Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt

Seat Belt Facts
Seat belt Saves Icon
Seat belts save lives.

Seatbelts saved 13,941 lives ages 5 and older in 2015 (NHTSA, 2017).

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Not wearing one can be deadly.

In 2016, 42% of people killed on North Carolina roads were not wearing a seat belt (NCDOT).

Stay In Seat Icon
Stay in your seat.

Without a seat belt, a person is 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle.

Stay Alive Icon
Stay alive.

80% of passenger vehicle occupants who were totally ejected from vehicles were killed (NHTSA, 2017).

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Not wearing a seat belt can cost you $179 or more.

Strong Enforcement Saves Lives
Cost of Violation
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